Ashok Leyland Electric Bus price, range & specifications

Right now there are a few companies that make electric buses in India and Ashok Leyland is one of them which is already known for its buses and trucks in India. Now recently they have started manufacturing their own Electric Buses which are now operating in a few cities in India. So let’s know this Ashok Leyland Electric Bus price, range, and all other specifications.

Now Ashok Leyland has two different companies that manufacture electric buses in India Circuit and Switch Mobility which are different companies but their parent company is Ashok Leyland so we can consider both companies’ EVs as Ashok Leyland EVs.

So, here is all information about Ahok Leyland’s different company electric buses with all information.

Ashok Leyland Electric Bus Company

As we mentioned above Ashok Leyland owns two different companies which manufacture electric buses in India, Circuit and Switch Mobility. So let us know the different models of electric buses from both of these companies.

Circuit Electric Bus

Right now Circuit has two different models of electric buses in India.

  • Circuit S
  • Circuit F

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Switch Mobility Electric Bus

Right now Switch Mobility has three models of electric buses in India.

  • Switch e1
  • Switch EiV 12
  • Switch EiV 22

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Ashok Leyland Electric Bus Price

The price of these Ashok Leyland buses is different due to the different sizes and the different specifications which makes these electric buses different from each other. So, let’s know all of these Ashok Leyland ELectric Buss prices.

CircuitCircuit SRs 50 lakhs to Rs 1 Cr
Circuit FAround Rs 1 Cr
SwitchSwitch e1Rs 50 Lakhs
Switch EiV 12Rs 70 lakhs
Switch EiV 22Rs 60 lakhs
Ashok Leyland Electric Bus Price in India

Now the price of these electric buses is very high because the battery used in these electric buses is very expensive where batteries themselves cost around 50% of the bus’s price. Also, electric buses need a bigger battery to produce more power due to the big size of the bus.

Ashok Leyland Electric Bus Range & Battery

When it comes to Electric Buses the range of the bus is very important and more range of an electric bus is equal to a long-distance journey. So, here Ashok Leyland has different size battery electric buses which have different ranges for different transportation purposes.

So here is the all Ashok Leyland electric buses’ range and battery capacities.

CompanyModelsBattery CapacityRange
CircuitCircuit S100 kWh to 300 kWh100 km to 250 km
Circuit F150 kWh to 200 kWh200 km
SwitchSwitch e1389 kWh400 km
Switch EiV 12111 kWh to 460 kWh100-500 km
Switch EiV 22231 kWh250 km
Ashok Leyland Electric Range

Now all of the above ranges and the company claimed range but in real life while with many passengers and different driving conditions will affect the range and the actual practical range of this electric bus will be 50 km less than the company claimed range.

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Ashok Leyland Electric Bus Specifications & Features

All of these Electric Buses have different features and specifications which made these buses unique and easy to use compared to any other normal buses.

  • Multiple seating options
  • Multiple sensors
  • Multiple cameras including parking camera
  • AC (Air Condition)
  • Automatic Doors
  • Stop Button
  • Fire Protection System
  • Parking Sensors
  • Fast charging
  • Different driving modes etc.

Ashok Leyland Electric Bus FAQs

What is the price of Ashok Leyland electric bus?

There are many electric buses from Ashok Leyland in India which cost Rs 50 lakhs and go up to Rs 1 Cr.

Does Ashok Leyland have electric vehicles?

Yes, Ashok Leyland has 2 companies that manufacture electric buses in India, and in the future, it will launch its Hydrogen vehicles.

What is the mileage of Ashok Leyland electric bus?

There are many Ashok Leyland electric buses in India that have mileage (Range) between 100 km to 500 km.

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Right now there are a few companies in India that manufacture Electric buses in India and there are new Companys and other new electric buses to come and start their transportation services across India which will reduce travel costs in the future. And Tata is also one of them.

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