KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Price, Range & all specifications 2023

Karnataka government has recently started the state’s first electric bus transportation service from a new India-made EV Power Plus Bus which has started its services to several cities in Karnataka. So, let us know all the information about this new KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Price, Range, features, and all other specifications.

KSRTC first started this electric bus service in January 2023 for the pilot project, which takes the route from Banglore to Mysore. Where every single project journey is almost full of passengers according to the KSRTC Managing Director V Anbukumar.

And the traveler’s experience in this electric bus is very positive and KSRTC also makes Rs 80/km whereas they have made around Rs 40 to Rs 60/km on the diesel buses. Also, these buses are zero-emission and sound less which has made the journey on this bus very comfortable.

Right now Karnataka Government has officially launched 25 EV Power Plus electric buses in Banglore which has started its services to several cities from Bangalore. and later by March end another batch of 25 buses to arrive which will cover more cities of the state.

Also, these KSRTC electric buses are made by an Indian company called Olectra which partnered with the Chines EV manufacturer BYD which has already launched its electric car BYD Atto 3 in India.

KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Services

Right now KSRTC electric buses started their services to these cities of Karnataka from Banglore.

  • Bangalore – Madikeri
  • Bangalore – Virajpet
  • Bangalore – Mysore
  • Bangalore – Davangere
  • Bangalore – Shivamogga
  • Bangalore – Chikmagaluru

Right now all the cities have this EV power plus bus services from Banglore and as soon in the future, these bus services will start in other cities across Karnataka as soon as more EV buses arrive.

KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Features

there are multiple features in this electric bus that make the journey on this bus very safe and comfortable.

  • Comfortable states
  • USB slot for every seat for charging
  • Multiple cameras
  • Multiple sensors
  • Emergency button at every seat
  • 2 TVs for entertainment
  • Automatic Gear
  • Disc Brakes with ABS
  • AC (Air Condition)
  • 45 seating capacity
  • GPS system etc
KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus

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KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Price

Right now there is not any official update or details of this KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus price and these buses are directly made by Olectra for the Karnataka Government KSRTC service so the official price of the bus is not revealed.

But according to our study on this Bus including its all features and specification, we can expect this EV Power Plus electric Bus price will be easily around Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 1 Cr in India.

KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Range & Battery

The biggest challenge for an electric bus is its range where we don’t want the bus to be out of charge in the middle of the journey. So, this EV Power Plus bus has a big 360 kWh battery pack that can provide up to 300 km range from a single charge.

Also, the KSRTC has installed seven fast charging stations for these EV buses across multiple locations in Karnataka. Where this EV Power Plus bus can charge from 0-100% in 2 hours with the help of a DC fast charger.

Overall in the future government is planning to install more EV charging stations across the state and other price companies also install their EV charging station in multiple cities so that charging will not be a big problem in the future for any electric vehicle.

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KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Power & Performance

The power output of this EV bus is not fully revealed but according to some information this EV Power Plus bus can produce around 300-400 horsepower with around 1,200-1,400 Nm of torque.

And from this power, the EV Power Plus can reach a top speed of 110 to 130 km/h. Overall this is an electric bus so you will not hear any sound or engine vibration in this bus while traveling so you will get the best traveling experience in this electric bus.

KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Interior

Now on the interior, this bus has a seating capacity of 45 people due to the large 12-meter-long body. Also, all the passenger seats can decline for up to 120-130 degrees which will give you a little comfort while the long journey.

And there is not any leg rest in the States but every seat got 2 USB ports for charging purposes. Also, for entertainment purposes, this bus has 2 TVs one in front and another in TV at the middle for passengers behind.

Overall for a 5-10 hours journey, this bus will give you decent comfort in traveling but for a long overnight journey, the sleeper bus will be the best choice.

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KSRTC EV Power Plus Bus Specifications

PriceRs 50 lakhs to Rs 1 Cr
Battery360 kWh
Range300 km
Horsepower300-400 hp
Torque1,200-1,400 Nm
Top Speed110-130 km/h
Charging Time2 hours with DC Fast charger
Seating Capacity45
EV Power Plus Bus specs

FAQs of EV Power Plus Bus

What is the cost of an EV Power Plus bus in India?

The EV power plus bus price is expected o be around Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 1 Cr in India.

What is the seating capacity of the KSRTC EV power plus bus?

The KSRTC EV power plus electric bus has a seating capacity of 45 people.

How fast is the EV Power plus bus?

The EV Power Plus bus can go up to a top speed of 110 to 130 km/h.

What is the range of EV power plus bus?

The EV power plus bus can go up to 300 km on a single charge.


As we all know that future is electric so in the upcoming years most transportation will be converted to EVs. And this KSRTC EV Power Plus bus has started the beginning of EV services in Karnataka state.

Overall we hope all the given information above on this KSRTC electric bus will help you to better understand this bus. But if you have any questions regarding this electric bus please comment down below so we can help you to get the answer Tank You.

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