This homemade electric car can travel 60 km for Rs 5: made by a 67-year-old Kerala man

When it comes to innovation and new ideas which seems impossible are done by the many peoples who have the will to do it and age, and gender doesn’t matter for it. So, here is a story of a 67-year-old Kerala man named Antony John who made his own electric car that could travel up to 60 km on a single charge.

We all know that EVs are the future and we have to move on to electric vehicles somehow in a few years. So this Antony has made his own electric car which will run for just Rs 5 and doesn’t cost much as a normal electric car.

And this story of Antony and his electric car is uploaded by the Village Vartha youtube channel where they covered his story of building this electric car.

Antony has to be a consultant and his office is located 30 km away from his Kollam district Kerala. Before this electric car, he has to have an electric scooter from which he used to go to his office. But as his age increases it’s hard to ride an electric scooter in different weather conditions and it’s not comfortable to sit for an aged person.

So, Antony has decided to make his own electric car which he can use for traveling purposes from his home to his office. From this idea, Antony started building the electric car back in 2018 where he designed the body or exterior of the car by himself and did it by a local bus parts manufacturer.

And all the electronic parts he got from Delhi and the electronic works of this car are done by Antony himself only. But the first battery of the car has not enough potential in it and is not able to provide as much range as he expected from it.

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So he again re-installed a new sufficient power battery which is able to provide up to 60 km range from a single charge which is a sufficient range for Antony to go to his office from home and come back.

Also, this electric car is road legal and does not need any registration to drive on the public road because its top speed is less than 25 km/h. But the driver needs a proper license to drive it.

Now according to Antony, this small electric car cost around Rs 4 lakhs to build and now it needs just Rs 5 electricity to travel every single time. Now because it’s a small electric car it can fit 2 adults comfortably in front and 2 children at back.

But Antony has made this car for his personal use whereas he has also had an alto car which is used by the family members. Overall it’s good to hear such unique thinking making their dream come true.

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