Hyundai Motor India & Shell India partnered to install DC fast chargers across EV dealerships.

Hyundai Motor India Limited and Shell India Market Private Limited have partnered to install the DC fast chargers across Hyundais 36 EV dealerships in India.

As per this partnership with Hyundai and Shell has aimed to install 60 kW DC fast chargers across the Hyundai EV dealerships and further they can add powerful 120 kW DC fast chargers also.

This EV fast charger network installation deal is made in the Hyundai Motor India Limited Headquarters in Gurugram where the Hyundai Motor India Executive Director Jae Wan Ryu and Shell India Director Sanjay Varkey made this deal.

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As we all know that EVs are the future and to increase the EV demand needs proper charging infrastructure to use these cars in very single condition without thinking about the battery charge.

So, Hyundai has made this partnership so they can install more and more EV chargers across its dealership where their customers can charge their fast chargers.

Right now Hyundai has around 72 EV dealerships across 45 cities in India and in the first phase they have installed several EV chargers in some of the dealerships.

And in this second phase, they have partnered with Shell India to install more DC fast chargers across other 36 Hyundai dealerships. And in the upcoming project, they can install EV chargers at every single dealership of them.

Now from these 60 kW DC fast chargers, an electric car can charge from 0-80% within an hour, and from the 120 kW DC fast chargers electric car can charge from 0-80% within 30 minutes. But right now there are only a few electric cars in India that support DC fast charging.

Overall it is good here this type of EV project promotes EVs which creates infrastructures that help to use the EVs across all places. So, let us know in the comment below what do you think about this EV project in India.

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