Hyundai Motor India & Shell India partnered to install DC fast chargers across EV dealerships.

Hyundai Motor India & Shell India partnered to install DC fast chargers

Hyundai Motor India Limited and Shell India Market Private Limited have partnered to install the DC fast chargers across Hyundais 36 EV dealerships in India. As per this partnership with Hyundai and Shell has aimed to install 60 kW DC fast chargers across the Hyundai EV dealerships and further they can add powerful 120 kW … Read more

Tesla Team to Visit India next week: Possiblity of Tesla EV to enter India

Tesla Team to Visit India next week

The world’s biggest EV manufacturer Tesla is to be visiting India next week with its team, potentially to enter the Tesla EVs in the Indian market. We all know that Tesla is on top of the world when it comes to electric vehicles and it has already been manufacturing and selling its electric vehicles across … Read more

MG Comet EV Booking is open now: Know how to book one for you at Rs 11,000

MG Comet EV Booking is open now

MG has opened the booking for its most affordable mini electronic car the MG Comet EV and now you can book this MG electric car for Rs 11,000 at their official website. The MG Comet EV price starts from Rs 7.89 lakhs for the base model and the price goes up to Rs 9.98 lakhs … Read more

This homemade electric car can travel 60 km for Rs 5: made by a 67-year-old Kerala man

67- year old man made his own electric car travels 60 km for Rs 5

When it comes to innovation and new ideas which seems impossible are done by the many peoples who have the will to do it and age, and gender doesn’t matter for it. So, here is a story of a 67-year-old Kerala man named Antony John who made his own electric car that could travel up … Read more

The upcoming Tata Punch EV spotted with a camouflage: check the new feature of it

Tata Punch EV Spotted with Camouflage

The upcoming Tata Motors budget electric car the Tata Punch EV has been spotted while it has been taken to the test drive. And this prototype of the Tata Punch EV has revealed many features of this electric car. Now the exterior of the Tata Punch EV has been covered by camouflage so the exterior … Read more

This is the fastest electric car in India worth Rs 2.34 Cr

Fastest Electric Car in India

When it comes to electric vehicles, they are known for their instant acceleration and performance especially the electric cars which can accelerate from 0-100 km/h speed in just seconds with a superfast top speed. Right now the fastest electric car in India that you can buy is the Porsche Taycan Turbo S which was launched … Read more

Mahindra Treo Battery Price, Warranty, life – 2023

Mahindra Treo Battery Price

The Mahindra Treo is an all-electric battery-powered rickshaw from Mahindra that can go up to 140 km on a single charge. So, let’s know the Mahindra Treo battery price, life, warranty, and all of its specifications. From this all-electric rikshaw, the rikshaw drivers can save much more money than an engine rikshaw where the rikshaw … Read more

How do Self Charging electric car work?

Self Charging electric cars

When it comes to electric cars, most people don’t know that an Electric Vehicle can charge itself by using multiple features. With this Self Charging feature, an EV can charge itself while driving it or not. So, here in this blog, we will provide you with all the information on self-driving vehicles including how it … Read more

Ather 450x battery price, Replacement cost, life, warranty 2023

Ather 450x Battery Price

The Ather 450x has become quite popular among the electric scooter segment and people know about this scooter’s performance and features but don’t know much about its battery. So, here is the all information about the Ather 450x battery price, replacement cost, life, and more. Right now there are three models of Ather 450 electric … Read more