Upcoming Porsche electric cars can go up to 1,300 km on a single charge

The upcoming Porsche electric cars can capable to provide up to 1,300 km from a single charge and recharge the battery even quicker than ever.

Porsche the luxury and sports car maker has recently started working on battery electric vehicles a few years back and has launched some of the electric cars in the market like the Porsche Taycan.

Now a recent report claims that Porsche has been working on its new battery technology which can store more energy and is capable to provide long-range as well as charging very fast.

As per the reports, Porsche has been developing new silicon anodes which are capable to store more energy in them which is 10 times more than the existing battery technology.

Also, these silicon cells will expand up to 300% while absorbing the electricity and from this more energy storage capability, it can provide up to 1,300 km of range.

And this battery is also capable to charge from 5% to 80% within 15 minutes from a DC fast charger. Also, this new battery technology Porsche electric cars can capable to support up to 500 kW charging.

Also, let us know your thoughts on these new battery cars and their long-range capacities.

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