Tata Avinya EV price, range, release date, interior & all specs

Tata Motors has revealed the concept of their new electric SUV, the Tata Avinya EV. Avinya means Innovation in Sanskrit. This will be the Next-generation electric SUV from Tata Motors.

We can definitely tell that Tata is more into the future and is slowly moving towards the future by revealing its concept of upcoming electric cars. Last month only Tata has revealed their concept electric coupe the Tata Curvv EV and now Tata avinya EV.

Also, N Chandrasekaran, Chairperson of Tata Group said that our ambition is to make India’s vision of 30% electrification by the year 2030. But our ambition is above that.

The tata avinya EV is a third-generation electric car so the features and the specifications of the avinya tata will be advanced, Which will be compatible with luxurious cars.

Also, Tata has added a new logo of Tata, which we think can only be used in upcoming Tata electric vehicles. The design of the Avinya EV is so futuristic which gives a feel of a futuristic car from a Hollywood science fiction movie.

Tata has claimed that the Tata Avinya EV is a third-generation electric SUV, its performance is well optimized so the tata avinya EV range will be more than 500km range with high performance.

But, Tata has not revealed more details about the avinya EV, So here we mentioned some of its expected features and specifications.


  • The New Tata Avinya EV concept revealed
  • Avinya EV will be a third-generation electric SUV from Tata Motors
  • Expected more than 500km range from a single charge
  • The expected Launch will be in 2025
  • The expected price will be around Rs 30 lakhs

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Tata Avniya EV features

  • Futuristic Design
  • It will be an Autonomous driving system
  • Voice control
  • wireless charging
  • Sound system
  • Electronic steering wheel
  • Rotatable seats
  • Sunroof
  • Multiple Airbags
  • Regenerative braking
  • 360-degree view camera
  • parking camera
  • Multiple sensors
tata avniya ev price
Tata avniya EV design

Tata Avinya EV design

This time tata has tried something new in its avinya EV. The avinya EV has a new futuristic design that looks so different from any of the tata electric cars. In front, we can see a new logo of tata motors which is connected with a LED DRL which covers the hole front bonnet hood with a LED headlight.

If we look at it back here also we can see a new Tata logo that is connected to the LED tail light. I look at its side view, we can see a new backside-opening rear door which we can see in luxury cars like Rolls-Royce.

Also, the Avinya EV has a big sunroof which is now the most demanded feature in India.

However, this design is only a concept so the production model will be different than this.

Tata Avinya EV interior

The Tata Avinya EV is a futuristic electric SUV manufactured under Tata Motor’s third-generation technology which is mainly made for electric vehicles. So, the Tata Avinya EV interior design is so unique and looks quite similar to the recently released Tata Curvv EV.

Inside we see a newly designed seat which we can see in Tata curvv EV also. New thing is that we can see a new D-cut steering wheel which comes with a touch screen panel that has all the access to the car.

The Avinya EV is a premium electric SUV so the interior of the Avinya is made of premium quality leather, which gives a comfortable and luxurious traveling experience.

Overall the design is now in the concept stage so the actual production model design will be different than this.

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tata avniya ev interior
Tata avniya EV interior

Tata Avinya EV price

The Tata Avinya EV price is not revealed by Tata Motors, But we can expect the price of the Avniya EV will be a little expensive because after seeing the concept design of the car, it seems like a luxury electric car with futuristic high-tech features.

So, According to us (EV Galaxys India) we think the Tata Avinya price will be around Rs 30 lakhs in India.

But you can also, share your opinion on this Tata EV in the comment section below, and what your expected price of this car is.

Tata Avinya EV launch date

Also, the Tata Avinya EV release date is also not been revealed by Tata Motors. But according to Tata Motors reports this Avniya EV is expected release in 2025.

But the release date will be moved forward to 2026 also, due to the actual production car will take much time to develop and start production of it.

Tata Avniya EV Range & Battery

The Tata Avinya EV range is not revealed by Tata Motors, But according to various reports, the estimated range of the Avniya EV is around 500-700 km on a single full charge.

And this long 500-700 km range is possible with a 50-70 kWh Lithium-ion battery which is expected to be installed in this Avinya SUV.

For a big battery, the charging also needs to be fast to save time while traveling long distances. So, this Avniya EV supports DC fast charging (The kW is unknown), which can charge this car from 0-80% in under 40-60 minutes.

But with a regular AC home charger, it will take up to 10-15 hours for a full charge.

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Tata Avinya EV specifications

All the specifications given here are expected only. The official Tata avinya EV car specifications are not revealed by Tata Motors.

PriceRs 30 lakhs
Release date2025
Range500+km per charge
BatteryAround 50+kWh
Horsepower200-300 hp
Torque400 Nm
Top speedAround 190 km/h
0-100 km/h5-8 seconds
Charging Time1 hour with a DC fast Charger
Tata Avinya EV specifications

Tata Avinya EV FAQs

What is the price of Tata Avniya?

The Tata Avniya price is not revealed by Tata Motors, But we can expect the price of the Avinya EV will be around Rs 30lakhs in India.

What is the tata avinya EV car launch date?

The Tata Avinya EV car launch date is also not revealed by Tata Motors. So the expected Avinya EV release date will be in 2025.

Whata is Range of Avinya EV?

The expected Range of the Avinya EV will be more than 500km from a single charge.

What is the Top speed of Avinya EV?

The power output of the Tata Avinya EV is not revealed by Tata Motors. So we should wait for the official reveal of the power out of the detail of avinya EV from the company.

Does Tata Avinya EV have a sunroof?

Yes, Tata Avniya has a big Sunroof. We can see this in the avinya EV concept video which is revealed by Tata Motors.

Avinya meaning-What is the meaning of Aninya?

The meaning of Avinya is innovation. Tata wants to make its car futuristic so makes the next-generation innovation in its electric car.
Tata Motors Avinya video credit: Tata passenger electric mobility limited


In my opinion, Tata Motors has really thought about the future and it wants to develop the electric car segment in India and convert its auto segment to electric. How Tata Motors said that They would aim to make India 30% electrification by the year 2030.

So, we can see many Advanced electric cars which will be launched by Tata Motors by the year 2025.

In my opinion, the Avniya EV is a futuristic advanced electric SUV that will be launched with so many features which will be not in any of the electric cars in India with a budget segment that Tata avniya price will be around Rs 30 lakhs.

I am very impressed that tata really wants to give a quality product to its customer with all features, which is offered by only luxury car brands. Also, the Avinya EV is a third-generation optimized electric car so it will be capable of giving high range and performance with low power consumption.

If you liked the information about Tata avniya car price and all specifications. then please give us feedback in the comment section.

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