The upcoming Tata Punch EV spotted with a camouflage: check the new feature of it

The upcoming Tata Motors budget electric car the Tata Punch EV has been spotted while it has been taken to the test drive. And this prototype of the Tata Punch EV has revealed many features of this electric car.

Now the exterior of the Tata Punch EV has been covered by camouflage so the exterior design of the car is not visible but from its shape, we can expect it’s similar to the existing Tata Punch.

But we can see the rear wheel with a disc brake and inside the car, we can see the interior design which looks similar to the previous car. But we can also see the infotainment display and just down it we can see the control buttons and mode selection buttons also.

Last year in 2022 Tata Motors confirmed that it is expecting to launch Tata Punch EV in 2023 which is expected to go on sale by the end of 2023. So, we think that Tata has in the final stage of development of this electric car and the actual car production will start very soon.

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Tata Punch EV Expected Specs

Now the Tata Punch EV will be the in-between car choice from the existing Tata EV lineup Tata Tiago EV and the Tata Nexon EV Max.

So, there will be two variants of the Tata Punch EV standard and an extended range with different ranges. Now we expect that Tata Punch EV price will be around Rs 12 lakhs to Rs 15 lakhs.

Also, this Punch EV can have a 25 to 30 kWh battery pack similar to the other Tata EVs and from this battery pack, this Tata Punch EV can go up to 250 km to 330 km on a single charge.

Overall Tata always has made the best cars in the budget segment and now this tata punch ev will be another budget-friendly electric car for Indian customers from Tata.

Overall let us know in the comment below what you think about this Tata Punch EV.

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