New Tata Sierra EV launch date, price-all specifications 2023

Tata sierra EV is the upcoming electric car from Tata motors. The Tata sierra EV is an electric SUV car and its first concept was teased at Autoexpo 2022. Tata is known for its low-budget affordable electric cars in India. So we can expect that the sierra EV also be an affordable electric car.

The Tata sierra EV launch date will be around the end of 2024 or in starting of 2025, but the official launch date is not released by tata motors. Also, the tata sierra ev price will be between ₹25 lakhs to ₹30 lakhs.

The Tata sierra EV is a futuristic electric SUV that is only available in the electric version, not unlike other tata electric cars which are available in both electric and fuel versions.

Also, the Tata sierra EV will be an affordable premium electric vehicle in India that is available with a futuristic design, futuristic technology, and many other features which are mentioned below in the article.

The sierra EV is available in two versions-FWD (single electric motor on the front axle) and AWD (two electric motors on each axle).

Tata sierra EV specifications

Price₹25 lakhs to ₹30 lakhs
Launch date2025
Body typeSUV
Battery capacity69kWh
Battery typeLithium-ion battery
Max powerAround 150-200 hp
Max torqueAround 400 Nm of Torque
Top speed150-200km/h
Battery charging time8 hours
Seating capacity5
Tata sierra EV specs

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Tata sierra ev dimensions

Tata sierra ev dimensions
tata sierra ev
Tata Sierra EV

Tata sierra EV features

The sierra ev has come with so many futuristic features and technology which will make it a premium electric SUV.

  • Futuristic design
  • 19-inch New alloy wheel design
  • 12.12-inch touchscreen display
  • Android auto and apple car play
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • IRA plus pro-connected car tech
  • 7.7-inch plasma screen digital instrument cluster
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • 360-degree camera
  • High-speed warning
  • Parking sensors
  • Door opening warning sound
  • Audio system
  • Airbags
  • Voice control system
  • LED Headlight & tail light
  • Running LED indicators
  • Premium interior

These are the main features of the sierra ev.

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Tata sierra EV exterior design

The Tata sierra ev exterior design is so futuristic and premium-looking electric SUV. Overall sierra’s design looks very similar to the Land Rover Defender. However, the sierra has its own design. In front, we can see grills like Tata Nexon and LED headlights, and LED DRLs. Also, we can see an LED taillight with running indicators bar with newly designed 19-inch alloy wheels. At the top, we can see a big panoramic sunroof and massive stuck-aspect glass panels for the rear passengers. Overall the design looks very futuristic and premium.

Tata sierra EV interior design

tata sierra ev interior
Tata sierra ev interior

The tata sierra ev interior design looks so premium and comfortable, At inside we can see a rectangular steering wheel, a 12.12-inch touchscreen display with all information about the car, and a 7.7-inch plasma screen instrument cluster. Also, the passenger seat can be rotatable. Overall the interior looks so good and premium.

Tata sierra EV price

The Tata sierra EV price is not released by Tata Motors but the expected price will be around ₹15 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs. In this price range, the sierra ev will be the best affordable electric SUV with so many premium features.

Tata sierra EV launch date

The tata sierra ev launch date is not revealed by Tata Motors but we can expect it will be launched at end of 2024 or in starting 2025. But whenever the official release date is come out from Tata motors we will update you here very soon.

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Tata sierra ev range and battery

By the news, the Tata sierra ev range will be around 590km from a single charge which will be possible with a 69kWh lithium-ion battery. This battery pack will need up to 8 to 9 hours to charge from 0%-100%. However, with a DC fast charging, it will be charged under 1:30 hours. But the real practical mileage will be known from the practical road test of sierra ev.

tata sierra ev exterior
Tata sierra ev at AutoExpo

Tata sierra EV power details

The power output of the sierra ev is not launched by Tata Motors, But we expect that it will come with a synchronous permanent magnet electric motor that can produce around 100bhp and 250Nm of max torque. The power output can be more than this so whenever the official power configuration is released we will update it here very fast.

Tata sierra EV colors

Right now the Tata sierra ev white color is only revealed by tata motors, But in the future, they can reveal other all color variants of sierra ev.

Tata sierra ev FAQs

Is Tata sierra electric?

Yes, the Tata sierra is a fully electric SUV that will be available soon in India.

What will be the price of Tata sierra electric vehicle price in India?

The tata sierra electric price in India will be between ₹15 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs.

What is the range of the Tata sierra ev?

The range of the Tata sierra ev will be around 590km from a single charge.

What is the top speed of Tata sierra ev?

The top speed of the Tata sierra ev will be around 150-200km/h.
Tata sierra ev Video credit: Power Racer


In my opinion, the Tata sierra ev will be the best affordable premium all-electric SUV which will be the next selling electric car made by Tata Motors. One of the main reasons for that is its design which is so futuristic and good looking which will attract many people. Also, the sierra ev comes with so many specifications and features which will not available in many cars under this price segment.

Also, the range of this car is so good that it can capable to give a 590km range from a single charge. The power output of this car also is good enough for daily driving. So in my opinion, this sierra ev will be a choice for its design and range, the power output is not been released yet but I think it will be more than the Tata Nexon ev.

Thank You.

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