Tesla Team to Visit India next week: Possiblity of Tesla EV to enter India

The world’s biggest EV manufacturer Tesla is to be visiting India next week with its team, potentially to enter the Tesla EVs in the Indian market.

We all know that Tesla is on top of the world when it comes to electric vehicles and it has already been manufacturing and selling its electric vehicles across the world. Now Tesla wants to enter the Indian market with its EVs and it has been trying to do this for the last few years.

But according to Elon Musk the Indian import duty taxes are very high and the EV policy is not good enough to make these Tesla EVs affordable for Indian customers.

Elon Musk also knows that there will be more demand for affordable vehicles across the world and even in India also. And the existing Indian Tata and Mahindra have launched the best affordable electric cars in the market.

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So, if Tesla wants to want to enter the Indian market then they have to make their EVs more affordable and easy to buy for a wide range of customers.

Now because of the Taxes and EV policy Tesla has not entered the Indian market but it has been trying to launch its EVs in Indian several times. And Tesla has also finalized land in Karnataka for its Gigafactory setup.

Now they again visiting India so they can make a deal with the Indian government and authorities so they can reduce the tax or assemble the EVs in India only with the source of several vehicle parts from local suppliers.

Now we all know that Tesla has one of the best EVs in the world and if Tesla has made it to launch in India for affordable pricing then they can easily sell more EVs in India.

Now let us know in the comment below what do you think about Tesla entering the Indian market and if you are one of those waiting for Tesla to enter the Indian market.

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