Vinfast Car Price in India, Range, Release Date & all specs

Vinfast is a Vietnam-based Automotive company that started in 2017 and has to launch its electric SUV globally. So, let’s know what the will be Vinfast car price in India and all the other features that we can expect from the Indian variant.

Right now there are two Vinfast electrics are in the list which could be launched in India. The Vinfast VF8 and Vinfast VF e34 where the VF e34 is a low-power electric car with less price and the VF8 is a high-power electric car.

But in this article we will provide you with all the information on the Vinfast VF8 electric SUV because it has been spotted in India several times and is expected to launch in India in the future here are all the specifications of the Vinfast VF8 electric SUV.

Vinfast Car Price in India (VF8)

Right now the Vinfast electric car the VF8 has not been launched in India so the exact price of the Vinfast VF8 in India is unknown. But as it has already been launched in other countries where the Vinfast electric car VF8 price starts from $40,000 for the base model and will go up to $48,000 for the top model.

If we converted this price to Indian rupees it will be around Rs 33 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs in India. But as we know there are some extra taxes which could increase the price of this car even more than this.

Vinfast Car Release Date

Right now there are not any official updates from the company regarding the release of Vinfast VF8 in India. So, it will be hard to guess when will be the Vinfast electric car launch in India.

But we can expect Vinfast may launch one of its electric cars in India by 2024 or in early 2025. Overall this release date is just a guess only so the official launch of the car in India will be later than this.

But whenever the official reports are released by the company regarding its India release we will update our website as soon as possible so stay connected with our website.

Vinfast VF8
Vinfast VF8

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Vinfast VF8 Range & Battery

Now on battery, the Vinfast VF8 has come with 2 battery options smaller one with an 82 kWh battery pack and a bigger battery pack with 87.7 kWh. Now if we compared it to the most electric cars in India which are available right now 2023 then these battery packs are very big in size.

And from this big 82-87.7 kWh battery pack the Vinfast VF8 range will be easily around 447 km from a single charge. But in real life with different road conditions, it will be around 350-400 km per charge.

Also, this Vinfast VF8 SUV supports DC fast charging and from this DC fast charging this electric SUV can easily charge from 10% to 70% in just 31 minutes.

But the problem is right now few EV charging stations in India have up to 150 kW chargers so, most of the time you can’t charge this car very fast. Also, from a regular AC charger, it will take up to 15 hours for a full charge.

Vinfast VF8 Power & Performance

There are two models available in the Vinfast VF8 electric SUV Eco and Plus where Eco is less powerful but it has a longer range and the Plus model has the maximum power. But both of these models have dual motor setups with all-wheel drive systems.

Now The Vinfast VF8 can produce a maximum power of 402 horsepower with a 620Nm of torque with this power this electric SUV can accelerate from 0-100 km/h speed in just 5.5 seconds and its top speed would be 200 km/h which is so fast for an electric SUV.

if we compared this power to the other high-performance electric cars in India like the KIA EV6 and the BMW i4 then VF8 has more power than both of these EVs and also it is lesser in price.

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Vinfast VF8 Interior

The Interior of Vinfast VF8 looks decent not much luxury premium. Inside we can see a big touchscreen floating display at the center with all control of the car. But we can’t see any display or any speedometer display in front of the driver seat, So we think this is just a concept of the car which needed to have more interior features in the actual model.

Overall the interior of the car is not much luxurious but looks good enough for a comfortable driving experience.

Vinfast VF8 Saftey Features

  • The automatic emergency braking system
  • Emergency SOS button
  • Multiple sensors
  • 11 airbags
  • Highway assist Level-2
  • Smart Parking Assist
  • Multiple cameras

Vinfast VF8 Dimension

Eco187 x 76.1 x 65.6 (in)
Plus187 x 76.1 x 65.6 (in)
Vinfast VF 8 Dimensions

Vinfast VF8 Warranty

The Vinfast VF8 has 10 years or 2 lakh km warranty for its battery and motor which is good enough for any car to use for a long time.

VinFast electric car

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Vinfast VF8 Specifications

PriceRs 33 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs
Motor SystemDual – Motor
Battery Capacity82-87.7 kWh
Range447 km/charge
Horse Power402 hp
Torque620 Nm Torque
Top Speed200 km/h
0-100 km/h time5.5 seconds
Charging Time0-70% in 31 minutes (DC Fast charger)
Seating Capacity5
Warranty10 years or 2 lakh km
Vinfast car specifications

FAQs Vinfast electric car

How much will the VinFast car cost?

The Vinfast VF8 electric is expected to price around Rs 33 lakh to Rs 40 lakhs in India.

What is the release date of the Vinfast car in India?

The Vinfast electric car is expected o launch in India by early 2025.


Overall this VF8 electric SUV would be the best powerful electric SUV to buy if it launched at this price as we mentioned above but we don’t think the price will be lesser than Rs 50 lakhs so it could be similar to the powerful electric cars available in India in this price segment.

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