Tesla’s Indian made first electric car may step on indian roads in just 2 years

After so many years now it seems like Tesla is finally going to launch their electric cars in the countries in five years. According to the reports Elon Musk’s Tesla has decided to invest around $30 billion in the countries to manufacture the EVs for the indian market.

As per the rumors, This big $30 billion investment will be split between different industries including the setup of a manufacturing plant, battery production, EV chargers, and other industries which are necessary to make EVs in the countries.

What will be the new Indian Tesla Car price?

Tesla knows that India has the most demand for affordable cars, and the existing Tesla EVs are quite expensive for the indian market.

So, Tesla is planning to develop a new car that will be more affordable compared to other Tesla cars and this new EV will be sold across multiple African and Asian countries.

Now from the few leaks, we can expect that the new Tesla affordable EV will be priced around Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs in India. And this EV can have a range of up to 300km from a single charge.

When we can see the first Tesla EV in India?

As per the rumors Tesla will soon invest its first $3 billion in the countries which will develop the first batch of EVs in 2 years.

These initial EV batches could help the company learn more about indian road conditions and make the car more suitable for

Tesla Model X Plaid
Tesla Model X Plaid

Indian EV Policies

The Indian government is still working on EV policies which will encourage more and more people to use EVs in the upcoming years.

Also, the indian road and Transportation Department has a goal to make 50-70% of the new vehicles that will be purchased by people by the end of 2030 should be an EV. So, the government will launch new schemes and policies that will push more people to buy EVs in the upcoming days.

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