New Ultraviolette f77 electric bike price in India & all specifications

The Ultraviolette company has developed the fastest electric sports bike in India, The Ultraviolette f77 electric bike is going to be the fastest electric sports bike in India which is going to be launched in India on March 2022. By the information from Ultraviolette the Ultraviolette f77 electric bike price in India is starting from ₹4.5 lakhs.

For the production of this Ultraviolette f77 electric bike, TVS motor and Zoho motor are raised funding for this f77 production. The Ultraviolette CEO and founder Narayana Subramniam said that our new electric production unit is a state-of-the-art facility that will be equipped with smart technology and industry 4. o solutions.

The Ultraviolette f77 electric bike manufacturing plant will be set up in Bangalore which is capable of ramping up 15,000 units in the first year. In the future, it will go up to 1,20,000 units per year.

The pre-order of Ultroviolette is started and you can order from their official website. for pre-order here

The Ultraviolette f77 electric bike offers three variants Lightning, Shadow, and laser. All three variants come with three riding modes glide, Combat, and Ballistic. The insane will be the abessive mode where the f77 bike can produce a max power of it.

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Ultraviolette f77 specifications

Price ₹4.5 lakhs
Release dateMarch 2022
Battery10.3 kWh Lithium-ion Battery
Battery charging time5 hours
MotorPermanent magnet AC motor
Motor power25000w
Range( mileage )307 km/charge
Charging Time8-9 hours with a normal charger
Top speed147km/h
0-100 7.5 sec
Max power33.9 ps @ 2250 rpm
Max torque96 Nm
Regenerative BreakingYes
Reverse ModeYes
BrakesFront and rare disc
Body typeNaked sports bike
Seat height800mm
Kerb weight207 kg
Ultraviolette f77 specifications
Ultraviolette f77 electric bike
Ultraviolette f77 electric bike

Ultraviolette f77 colors & Design details

  • Airstrike
  • Shadow
  • Laser

The Ultraviolette f77 comes with an aggressive sporty look. The ultraviolette f77 comes with full LED lighting from head lite to tail light. The f77 is a naked electric sports bike that offers three color designs Airstrike, Shadow, and laser. f77 has an Ultra High-Brightness Automotive TFT LCD dashboard.

The ultraviolette f77 bike weighs only 158kg and the seat height of the f77 is 800mm. The wheels of the f77 are 1340mm and have disc brakes at the front and back.

Ultraviolette f77 price in India

The ultraviolette f77 electric bike’s price in India is around ₹4.5 lakhs, which looks quite expensive for an electric bike. But it’s not bad for the features they are offering for it. If we compare the ultraviolette f77 price with any other engine bike in this price segment like Bajaj Dominar also offers similar power.

Ultraviolette f77 release date

Now the launch of this bike will be on this year around in March. Also the pre-order of this bike is now open so they can launch the bike very soon.

Ultraviolette f77 power details

Ultraviolette f77 is a sport bike so it has to produce high power. Ultraviolette comes with a 25000w permanent magnet AC motor which can produce 33.9 horsepower and 96 Nm of torque. How Ultraviolette claims that the f77 is the fastest electric sport bike in India, So the power of this electric bike is also good. The Ultraviolette f77’s top speed is 147km/h which is impressive for an electric bike.

Also, the Ultraviolette f77 can reach 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds and reaches 0-100 in 7.5 seconds. Which is impressive. Also, the speed and power depend on which mod you riding.

The Ultraviolette f77 has 3 riding modes glide, Combat, and Ballistic. but the easiest feature of this mode is that now you don’t need to change the modes by searching it in the instrument cluster and then changing it. No more thing like that in Ultraviolette f77 because it has a button from which the rider can easily change the modes with one click.

If you’re looking for a sports bike in the electric segment I think this is the one for you. One of the plus points is that it is electric so you can take the bike and enjoy the power of the bike without worrying about fuel. Because in a normal-engine sports bike, the fuel consumption is very high for a power full bike. So you can go on a ride with fewer expenses.

Ultraviolette f77 Battery details

Ultraviolette f77 battery
Ultraviolette f77 battery

Ultraviolette claims that the Batteries which are in f77 are more than power modules. The f77 battery is a self-sustaining electronic device that comes with its own processor, Memory, wireless communication, and GPS module, Which seems like the f77 comes with all futuristic features.

Also, it comes with multiple sensors, and multiple mechanical and thermal fail-safe protocols making it the most advanced battery in the world. The f77 comes with 3 Lithium-ion batteries which combined and earn a 10.3 kWh battery which is placed in the middle of the bike.

The Ultraviolette gives a fast charger for every f77 bike. The fast charger can charge the f77 bike from 0-100 in less than 5 hours. Also from a DC fast charger, it will charge under an hour.

One of the cool things is that the batteries in f77 are removable. For removing the batteries there is a button at the handle, from one click the battery comes out from f77 through a chamber.

The f77 comes with a standardized combined charging system which is to work with public infrastructure charging. Cool thing is that the battery’s from the f77 can be removable and from the home charging pods you can take the batteries away from the bike and charge where ever you want.

Ultraviolette f77 Range (mileage) details

The Ultraviolette f77 comes with a 10.3 kWh battery which can run the bike for a range of 130-150 km on a single charge. However, the range depends on the way you ride the bike.

Probably the max running range of 150km will be archived by the eco or glide mode and the less range will be in an insane mode where the bike will run at its top power output.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does an ultraviolette f77 cost?

The ultraviolette f77 electric bike price is starting from ₹4.5 lakhs in India.

When we can buy ultraviolette f77?

The ultraviolette f77 is available for pre-booking now. But the official launch of ultraviolette f77 will be in march 2022.

Who owns ultraviolette f77?

The ultraviolette f77 electric bike is owned by the ultraviolette company which is based in Bangalore. The founders of the company is Narayana Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan in 2015.

Which motor is used in ultraviolette f77?

The permanent magnet AC motor is used in ultraviolette f77. This motor can produce 25000w power with 33.9 horsepower and 90 Nm of torque in this electric bike.

Is TVS right in making an investment in ultraviolette?

Yes TVS has raised the funding for this ultraviolette startup and invested in the Ultraviolette f77 electric bike.

Is a license needed for ultraviolette f77 in India?

Yes, the ultraviolette f77 needs a license in India to ride on a public road, Because in India every electric vehicle which goes more than the speed of 25km/h needed a license to ride on a public road.

Are there bears in ultraviolette f77?

No there are not any bears in ultraviolette f77.

Will the ultraviolette motorcycle f77 be available in the United States?

Right now the ultraviolette motorcycle f77 is not available in the United States, but it can be Available in the United States after launching in India.
Ultraviolette f77 specifications Video credit: Autocar India

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In my opinion, the ultraviolette f77 will be the best electric sport bike in India. The plus point of this bike is that bike comes with a removable battery which you can charge from anywhere with charging pods.

Also, the Ultraviolette f77 comes with all modern futuristic features. If I am going to buy this bike for one reason that is the power of this f77 bike. The f77 bike can archive a top speed of 147km/h which is amazing for an electric bike.

One main reason to buy this f77 bike is the maintenance and fuel cost. The f77 bike is a fully electric bike so there is not any more maintenance required it is electric so fuel is not required so it will become so cheaper to run.

I am a person who is love to ride bikes. But the only thing that bothers me about riding is fuel cost but now I can ride this f77 bike with less cost.

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