Himachal Pradesh Government set to convert its state into Green Energy state by 2026

As we know that future is EV is every single country has been moving towards EVs and making more infrastructures for them. Now in India also EV vehicles becoming more popular and more people has using EVs than ever before.

So, most of the states in India are making more EV infrastructures and proving more EV subsidies to promote EVs Himachal Pradesh is also one of them and yesterday has made a bold decision to increase the EV infrastructure in the state.

On Tuesday the government official made a meeting where they decided to convert the Himachal Pradesh state into a Green energy state by March 31 of 2026. Which includes multiple charging stations in cities, EV subsidies, and green energy highways.

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EV Infrastructures & EV Subsidies

At the meeting, Sukhvinder Singh Suku states Chief Minister discussed about the importance of more EV infrastructure across the state to increase the EVs in the state. where he also mentioned making 3 highways Green Corridor Highways.

Where this Green Corridor highway includes multiple EV charging stations for every couple of kilometers so that EV travelers can use their EVs on the highway for long journeys without worrying about charging.

So, this first set of Green Corridor Highways includes Mandi-Dharmashala-Kangra and Parwanoo-Nalagarh-Una-Hamirpur-Sansarpur Terrace and Bilaspur-Hamirpur-Kangra. Where the first charging infrastructures will be installed.

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EV Subsidies

Also, the Himachal Pradesh government has decided to provide a 50% EV subsidy on the purchase of electric buses, electric trucks, and electric taxes which could potentially increase employment in transportation and commercial vehicles.

So, in the next few years, the Himachal Prades state will be more eco-friendly and has more EV infrastructures which potentially increase the EVs in the state.

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