Uber to Launch 35,000 EVs as Uber taxis in India known as “Uber Green”

The biggest online taxi service in the world Uber has ready to launch around 35,000 electric vehicles in India as taxis which includes 25,000 electric cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.

We all know that EVs are the future vehicle and every automotive industry has been moving towards green energy vehicles Uber has deployed their first set of electric taxis in India and these EV taxis start their first ride in the 3 major cities Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

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Uber has decided to make it all ride zero emission with EVs by the end of 2030 in North America and Europe. Then after by 2040, it has set goals to make every single ride zero emission globally. So, in India also we can expect all Uber vehicles will be electric by 2035.

Now Uber has partnered with Everest Fleet Pvt Ltd, Moove, and Lithium Urban Technologies to deploy more than 25,000 electric cars which will be expected to enter the road in 2 years.

And for two-wheelers, it has partnered with Zypp Electric which is expected to launch 10,000 electric two-wheelers for Uber.

Now for a big EV taxi business, Uber needs a proper charging infrastructure to charge all of these EVs in time. So, for the charging purpose, they have partnered with SIDBI, Jio-BP, and GMR Green Energy to install more charging infrastructures.

Uber knows that India is one of its biggest markets and it has more potential in the upcoming days and the EVs are the future vehicle so they have already taken the first step for electrification.

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