Elon Musk Tesla is to set up a Factory in India

Billionaire Elon Musks Tesla is to set up a local factory or assembly line for the Tesla electric cars which could be sold and imported from India.

As we reported yesterday the Tesla team is to visit India and make a deal with the Indian government and officials for to bring the Tesla EVs to India.

Tesla has requested to import their electric carts from China to India so they can test the sale of Tesla cars in India. But it couldn’t happen due to the high import taxes from the Indian government which makes the price of the Tesla cars double.

Where Tesla has requested indian government officials and prime minister Narendra Modi to reduce import taxes. But indian government has reduced to reduce the taxes and said they need to set up a plant in the country through the Make India scheme to sell their EVs in India.

So, now Tesla may be ready to set up their factory or assembly plant in India where they expected to source some of the EV parts from local suppliers which makes an ecosystem for Tesla for its EV parts within the country only.

Now Tesla has to inspect the environment and land to set up its factory in India, which has been once finalized as a place in Karnataka but due to the government’s disagreement with the tax reduction they canceled it.

Now we can expect Tesla can set up its factory in Karnataka to locally assembles the Tesla EVs if they have made a deal with the indian government to make this possible.

If Tesla is able to set up its factory in India then it will definitely start to sell its affordable base models Tesla Model 3 and Model Y which cost around Rs 33 lakhs to Rs 37 lakhs in the USA.

So, we can expect these 2 Tesla EVs may cost around the same as these prices in India also. But Tesla can make some changes and make it even more affordable for Indian customers.

Overall let us know in the comment below what is your thought on Tesla EVs in India.

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